"Embracing Recovery, One Person at a Time"

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Turning Point Center of Rutland

Turning Point Center

Turning Point is a non-profit organization and is one of twelve recovery  centers in Vermont under the Vermont Recovery Network.

The mission of the Turning Point Center is to provide a supportive, safe,  substance-free space, and to work to meet the needs of the recovery community in  Rutland. 

Turning Point's staff and volunteers are people in recovery who share their  experience, strength, and hope to help others in their recovery process. The  Turning Point is a place to find information about recovery and substance abuse  services in a drug and alcohol free environment. We off one-one peer Recovery  Coaching, SMART Recovery Certificate Groups, and activities such as Game night  and Open Mic night. People with experience in recovery help visitors establish  connections, which often leads to employment, stable housing, and other needed  services.


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Turning Point Center is the Center of the Recovery Community in Rutland

Turning Point Prides itself on the caring and understanding way we support our Recovery Community here in Rutland County. This makes Turning Point th center of Our community who struggles, and just needs to talk to someone who's been through it. "We all have these experiences, some more than others, but we know how it feels to have to ask for clothes, and shoes to wear. Some of us have a struggle with something which is controlling our lives and has affected our critical thinking." says Nick Bania, volunteer, and SMART Recover Group facilitator, "Just having an ear is sometimes, all we need."

Rutland has, in recent years, been deemed the "Heroin Capital of the United States"

"If not all, then most individuals in the area have been impacted by addiction in one form or another. There have been a lot of positive changes recently, there are still, many people in the grips of addiction. Once these folks make the decision to become abstinent, they need somewhere to go, resources, sober support, and structure." relates Tracie Hauck, Executive Director of Turning Point Center RutlandI

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Tracie, Tonya, and the Team  are here to listen to you, we all come various backgrounds and have one thing in common. We let substances control our lives until we made the conscious decision to Change that. And change we did and do on a daily basis.

Turning Point Center of Rutland

(802) 773-6010


Monday - Friday: 9:30am -7:00 pm

Saturday: Only Open for AA at Noon

Sunday: Only Open for both 

12 Step Meetings;

AA @ Noon and 

NA @ 7:00-8:00 pm